Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Wine Tasting Tours
Requests you to please review our policy.if you have any questions about our policies please give us a call or email us


We all find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances so we are coming together to ensure the health and safety of our communities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate. The health and safety of our drivers and passangers is our top priority.

Vehicle Clean-Up

  • Our drivers sanitize the Vehicle before each ride.
  • We use disinfecting wipes and spray.
  • For everyones safety, we put a clear plastic divider between the passengers and drivers.

Your Safety 

  • We provide you with hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle to help keep your hands clean.
  • You don’t need to touch the handles of the car as the drivers will open and close the door for you.
  • Passengers must load and unload their luggage for now because of COVID-19.
  • If you really need help with loading/unloading your luggage, then a driver will help. 

Face Masks

  • All drivers will be wearing a face mask/cover.
  • We highly request that all riders also do the same.
  • We encourage this because it can slow the spread of the virus as some people don’t show symptoms.
  • Free Face Masks For Every Passenger
  • Free hand sanitizer for every passenger

Don’t travel if you show any symptoms of COVID-19

  • If you have any symptoms, we advise you to stay home and call your doctor.

Wine Tasting Must be 21 Years older

Winery Tasting Fees NOT included Tasting Fees can range between $15 $35 per person at each winery

Reservation Policy?

1. When you reservation your ride online please give us correct information.
2. If we have your wrong information, than we have a full authority for cancel your ride.
3. When you reservation online, than you will receive a confirmation email.
4. Online reservation less than 2 hours, please give us a call too. Because you will not receive an email confirmation.
5. if you reservation over the phone, you will have only phone conformation not email confirmation.

 6. wine tasting tours  Cancellation Policy

a. If you change your travel plans or if you want cancel your reservation Please call or email to us,

b. ONE WEEK   prior to pickup will be FULL REFUNDED.
c. 24 hours advance notice is required to change or cancellation of airport transportation.

2. Reservations cancelled less than 72 hours will be charge full amount.

2. Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours will be charge full amount.

3. No Shows will be full charge of amount.

4. if you give us any wrong information than we will have full authority to cancel your Agreement & Service
Our drivers have full right to cancel any return trip transfer reservation due to following reasons without any prior notice.
a) Passengers are too much drunk and show violent verbal or physical behavior.
b) If driver has another hourly reservation between two assigned transfers and third party extends there service hours or any other situation beyond human control.